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/fdihome/public/images/Vumii_Logo.jpgVumii  ·  Vumii delivers advanced night vision surveillance and graphical user software which enable users to rapidly respond to security threats within the defense and physical security markets!

/fdihome/public/images/Vumii_Discoverii_Logo.jpgDiscoverii  ·  Discoverii represents Vumiiís day/night vision technology platform that combines an innovative, near infra-red, continuous-wave laser illumination beam with an automatically synchronized CCD imager enabling unsurpassed details and clarity at night while leveraging the same optics capabilities during the day!

/fdihome/public/images/Vumii_Sensorii_Logo.jpgSensorii  ·  Sensorii software supports live Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) video cameras, allowing the user to manage one or more cameras simultaneously, providing a heightened situational awareness of a specific camera or groups of cameras!
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