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Mr. J. Scott Fabling   View CV's

Mr. Fabling has over 40 years applying Technology into professional Business and Scientific environments, including: data processing management, computerized business systems development, operations, and electrical engineering experience. Mr. Fabling has extensive technical experience with mainframe, mini- and micro-based computer systems, Business Systems Development, and Information Technology Operations. Professional experience includes systems design, program management, project management, systems integration, operational implementation, and administration of large enterprise voice, video, and computer networks.

Often acting in the capacity of Chief Technologist and Director of Engineering, Mr. Fabling has Program Managed and Engineered over 500 projects for Federal, State and Local Governments, and Fortune 1000 corporations. Specializing in dedicated multi-platform network engineering and design projects include a 65,000 node, 132 site multi-vendor project, and a 2,000 node, and multi-location Gigabit-Ethernet and fiber-based ATM networks, Mr. Fabling has successfully delivered within budget and planned time-frames.

Mr. Fabling contributes to a wide range of disciplines including Marketing, Sales, Engineering and Operations. Mr. Fabling holds a Masters of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of Denver and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Management Sciences for Metropolitan State College, Denver.

Ms. Christina Dupre

Ms. Dupre provides over 20 years of Professional Technology Management and Business Development specializing in the areas of Investor Relations, Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Contract Negotiations and Customer Fulfillment.

Ms. Dupre has held a variety of high-level managerial positions, working with talented technology teams at companies including C-Plane, Narus, Inc. (Boeing), JPMobile (Motorola), Homeport, Inc., IQ3G, ICG Communications (Level-3) and MacWeek - ZiffDavis Media. Graduating cum laude from Menlo College, Atherton, California, in 1989, Ms. Dupre obtained her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a minor in Business Contract Law.

Mr. Jeff Greenblatt-Carson

Mr. Greenblatt-Carson brings over 20 years of professional leadership experience serving in various executive general counsel roles including Senior Vice-President, Chief Legal Counsel, and Intellectual Properties Attorney, in the areas of international business and technologies.

Specializing in advanced strategic business litigation risk avoidance in all aspects of the international corporate environment; including corporate entity facilitation, contract, intellectual property, personnel, and industry presence. Recent management positions include General Counsel for SharpShooter Imaging, OGC Services, LLC, PartMiner WorlWide, Inc., TeleTech Holding, Inc., and Rational Software Corporation.

Mr. Greenblatt-Carson holds a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from the University of Oregon School of Law and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Mr. Stephen C. Rowswell

Mr. Rowswell brings over 40 years of executive-level Financial and Corporate Business Development experience to the team. Emanating from his early career as a High Net Work broker on the New York Stock Exchange through developing and implementing High Frequency Trading (HFT) Hedge Fund platforms in current-day markets, analyzing, identifying and implementing structured business models capable of ensuring profit-driven successes.

Sensitive to marketplace disruption, Mr. Rowswell specializes in developing startup businesses that benefit from uniqueness in an otherwise non-competitive arena.

Successful company launches, include DG Technology Group, Inc., Mantralpha Fund GP, LLC, GA Managers, LLC, GA Advisors, LLC, GMA Associates, LLC, Emerging Growth Advisors, LLC, Speedtrade Technologies Corp., all based on his advanced understandings in Finance, Project Planning, Strategic Planning, Start-up Operations, Forecasting Structuring of Internal Controls, Structuring of Master Service Agreements and Service Level Agreements (MSA,SLA's) , Product/Service Launch, Business Systems Integration, Client Relations and Contract Negotiation, and Arbitration Governance, Risk, Compliance.

Mr. Rowswell provided Master Planner expertise to Lockheed Martin and Business Development direction with Waltham Vidempex in the development of the privatized Russian Oil and Gas Fields.

Mr. Rowswell holds a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Florida and a Six Sigma Green Belt.

Mr. Mac Carter

Engaged in various positions, as a Community Leader, elected as Board Member, Chair Person, and Legislative Liaison for the Yukon Flats School District, Mr. Carter has over 12 years experience working with the community of Fairbanks, Alaska, the State of Alaska, and the Federal Government.

As an active lobbyist to the Alaska State Legislature, and on behalf of the Yukon Flats School District he worked closely with members of both the House and Senate to establish a better understanding of District acquiring funding necessary for all school districts in Alaska. He has served as Director for the Alaska Association of School Boards, (AASB) keeping schools state wide informed of state issues and strategic planning for future funding.

He has served as Board Member and Chair for the Alaska State Community Service Commission. Working with many groups through out Alaska, applied for and received over five-million dollars for community service work statewide. Monitoring and verifying compliance with Federal guidelines to ensure set standards were met, ensuring that funding was spent according to a predetermined service plan. As Chair he was responsible for ensuing the Commission was in compliance to the set service plan structure so there was no interruption in funding from the Federal Government.

Mr. Carter has served as Board Member on the Alaska State Board of Agriculture and Conservation. The Board managed funding for farming and loans for seasonal crop needs, while Monitoring established Agriculture farming requirements statewide.

Elected as Chairman of the State owned Creamery Corporation for the dairy industry in Alaska, he was directly responsible for oversight of the Creamery Corporation operations including Financial and day to day operations, setting quality standards for the milk industry in Alaska.

Mr. Carter holds a degree in Arts and Business from Western International University, Phoenix, Arizona.

Mr. Jim Donnelly

Mr. Donnelly has over 25 years of extensive experience in the field of executive sales and marketing which includes General Sales Management and Vice President of Sales with several of the top television network affiliates (ABC, CBS, and FOX).

Responsibilities in his capacity as VP Sales included oversight of: sales planning, budgeting and execution, training, event development, marketing, research, and traffic within each operation. Additionally, Mr. Donnelly is a seasoned executive with entrepreneurial sales operations for both media and start up television networks.

During his career in sales he also founded and successfully managed The Donnelly Group / Sandler Sales Institute, an organization focused on long term developmental sales training and practices based in the psychology (theory) and real world execution.

Clients included individual small businesses, banking, a major national cable company and the Cable Advertising Bureau. He holds B.S. English Education undergraduate degree and a Masters of Education City College of New York.

Mr. John Hosang

Mr. Hosang has been providing Operations Efficiency consultation to the business industry for over 30-years.  Applying his professional skills, which he acquired during his initial career in the United States Military, Mr. Hosang has honed his craft into a structured deliverable for industries across the spectrum.

Mr. Hosang's unique approach to problem solving enhances his ability to identify operational inefficiencies and in a teamed approach scientifically establish meaningful alternative solutions that typically exceed the resolution requirements.

Mr. John McCormick

Mr. McCormick is a tenured Project Manager.  With over 35-years of professional experience in the Service Industry, Mr. McCormick has lead and successfully completed thousands of projects.

Specializing in the construction industry, Mr. McCormick has played a significant role in the design and fabrication of dozens of unique building projects, creating a full array of prototypes from which further development was commissioned.

In Memoriam

Mr. Richard F. Koppe  (Richard Passed Away on August 30, 2011, after a prolonged illness - His contribution to our country, society, and his family will be dearly missed!)

Mr. Koppe is an Operations Management specialist with extensive professional experience in Business Reengineering and Market Share Development.  A Vietnam Military Veteran, U.S. ARMY, Mr. Koppe has perfected the processes associated with the Government Procurement Registration and the Solicitation Offering Establishment.

Mr. Koppe, underpinned with his ability to thoroughly implement information data-mining skill sets, is rivaled by none in his ability to establish the Identification and Documentation of Organizational Policies, Procedures, Standards and Practices (PPSPs).  Mr. Koppe, a master of numerous spoken languages, has personal experience with maintaining a Commercial Presence in Foreign Countries, including IRAQ, where he was Operations Manager of the Iraqis Money Exchange Project (MX), at the end of the second Iraq War.

Mr. Koppe is a Lifetime Member of MENSA and has directly provided consultation with Class AAA organizations like: The United States Federal Government (holds a current D.O.D - GS 15 Level - Government Contractor badge); Gates Lear Jet Corporation; Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical, Science Applications International Corporation; Food Maker Corporation,; Chapman University; Government Contract Services, Inc.; Byrd Brothers, Inc.; and many more.

Mr. Russ Ackermann  (Russ Passed Away in early December 2009 after a short illness - His contribution to society and his family will be dearly missed!)

Mr. Ackermann is a Technologist.  A major asset to any team, Mr. Ackermann has both his Masters of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Physics and extensive Doctoral Program credits in Polymer Sciences and Electrical Engineering.  Heavily entrenched in the Telecommunications Operations Industry, Mr. Ackermann has been instrumental in establishing the Operational Guidelines and underlining Technologies associated with providing Management Information Systems to the industry, while heading up one of the OSS Working Group at Perot Systems USA.

while perfecting methods for enhancing intellectual deliverables, Mr. Ackermann has played instrumental roles within a number of organizations, including: Intelligent Medical Imaging, Inc.; Harrah's Entertainment, Inc.; MCI, Inc.; SCIENTECH, Inc.; U. S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA; American Enka Co.; and General Tire and Rubber Co.

Mr. Ackermann is a Vietnam Military Veteran, U.S. Navy, and an avid FCC Amateur Radio Operator, AI7Q, selfishly provides community services as the current Martin County Florida ARES/RACES Emergency Coordinator and organization leader. Mr. Ackermann has a personal appreciation for teaching and has been an instructor at a variety of Universities, specializing in Business Automation and Systems Operational Research.  Mr. Ackermann's primary domains of expertise include LAN/WAN/TCP-IP, telecom, telephony, atmospheric research, emergency preparedness, mathematics/statistics, chromatography, radar, laboratory research, electronics engineering, and radio.
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