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Review of Function Centric CV's

Executive Overview
GRC IC PPSP Auditing
IT Auditing
Short Review
Long Review
Program Management
Large Engineering Projects
Large Medical Projects
Company Reloctions
Remote Technical Support Desk
Sales Management
Systems Engineering
WEB Development
Technical Writing
Video Multi-Media Production
Disaster Mitigation Management

White Papers
FDI Company Overview
Increase Your Sales
Business Continuation & Security
We can help YOU with...
  1. Business Reengineering and Strategic Planning
  2. Operations Strategic Planning
  3. Establish Government and Commercial Marketing Programs
  4. Corporate Relocations
  5. Business Process Automation using eTechnologies
  6. Technology Planning and Implementation
  7. Presentation and Training Documentation Development
  8. Technical Writing
  9. Governance, Compliance and Controls Management Implementation
  10. Security and Disaster Preparedness with Loss Mitigation
  11. eCommerce WEB Site Planning and Development
  12. Custom WEB-Enabled Database Management Systems Implementation
  13. Application Testing and Proof Reading
  14. Marketing Video Production and Training Video Systems Development
      We Provide Revenue Enhancement Strategies

As you will see in the CV's, to the left, we have a extensive professional experience.

Business Delivery Disciplines include:

  1. Operational Experienced in a wide-range of business environments
  2. Ability to Share and Communicate Ideas both verbally and in writing with all invested parties
  3. Determine and Document Goal Requirements, with associated Risk Identification, then Establish Processes to Ensure Successful Implementation
  4. Identify and establish Structured Program Plans capable of realizing solutions
  5. Establishment of enhanced Delivery Performance Enhancement through the development of PPSPs (Policies, Procedures, Standards, and Practices) and Automation
  6. Understanding the Interrelationship in Technical Business Systems
  7. Extensive Understanding, Implementation and Implemenqtion of Management Information Systems
  8. Ability to Investigate and Negotiate 3rd-Party Solutions with Multi-Vendor Deliverables
  9. Development Documentation including Corporate Overviews, Press Release, Trade Articles, Advertising, White Papers, User Manuals, etc.
  10. Security and Business Continuance
  11. 100% Customer Satisfaction
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J. Scott Fabling
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